Swedish glam-rock band CRASHDIET has recruited Simme of the Stockholm act JAILBAIT as its new lead singer. A new demo track, "Caught In Despair", featuring the band's latest addition is available for streaming on the CRASHDIET MySpace page.

CRASHDIET parted ways with its last vocalist, the Finland-based H. Olliver Twisted, in July 2008. "We need a singer who can commit 100%, which unfortunately Olli couldn't live up to," the group stated at the time. "He, as many know about, has another band in Finland and we couldn't settle for sharing our time. We want to go further than any band has done before and we can't afford to spend time just waiting. We need to function as a full unit, all the time!"

CRASHDIET's sophomore album, "The Unattractive Revolution", entered the Swedish chart at position No. 11 back in October 2007. The CD was mixed in the United States by Kevin Churko.

"The Unattractive Revolution" features a guest appearance on two tracks by MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars, who flew into Stockholm, Sweden in June 2007 to help CRASHDIET write some of the material.

H. Olliver Twisted joined CRASHDIET as the replacement for David Hellman (a.k.a. Dave Lepard), who committed suicide in January 2006.

New CRASHDIET singer Simme:


Dynazty - Bring the Thunder

Dynazty was formed in early 2008 by five young talents. This thunderous heavy metal group dominated the Swedish live scene with its flamboyant shows and powerful anthems for many months before hooking up with producer Chris Laney to record a debut album.

For one month Dynazty worked with Laney at the Polar Studios in Stockholm, creating a fierce album that will make a lasting impression. This masterpiece will be known as "BRING THE THUNDER" and will be released worldwide on PERRIS RECORDS 2nd of June 2009.
Dynazty consists of Rob Love - guitars, formerly of Zan Clan, John Berg - guitars, formerly of Sharp, George Egg - drums and Joey Fox - Bass, both from Foxey and rising star Nils Molin on Vocals.


Asphalt Valentine - Strip Rock'n'Roll 2009

Rock and Roll; an oft used term in music, yet seldom correctly. There is so much more than just playing songs really loudly. Arrogant swagger, infectious groove, unbridled sexuality, heart racing rhythm, undeniable passion, swing, sway, and soul are what separate Rock and Roll from the rest of its musical counterparts. ASPHALT VALENTINE is without a doubt a rock and roll band. Five Atlanta based musicians got together to combine all those aspects of the 'spirit' of Rock and Roll. "How's about you and me, mix a little gasoline, just to see how long, we can make it burn". That being said, the band set out to write and perform songs with that tone in mind. Influenced by every musical note they have ever heard, ASPHALT VALENTINE fused them all together: the attitude of punk, the glam of decadence, the melody of pop, the blare of hard rock, the naiveté of youth, the worn weariness of country, and the soul of the rhythm and the blues.. After a few lineup changes over the yers, ASPHALT VALENTINE finally found the perfect combination of seasoned veteran musicians to fulfill their quest to rock n’ roll. 2009, the year the world gets to Strip Rock Roll!


PANZER PRINCESS (Debut album out 11th of april!)